If you run any sort of store that sells seafood, you will need to find some way to safely display your seafood to your customers so that they can pick out the items that they want.  It is essential that you make sure to keep the seafood fresh while it is on display, and the following are some displays that will allow you to do that.

Close-up Displays

Close-up displays generally work best if you only have a large amount of seafood that you want to put on display, and if you want all of your customers to be able to walk directly up to it so that they can pick and choose their items.  The close-up display is sixteen feet wide, giving you plenty of display space.  The close-up display will give you good air flow, keeping your seafood cool and fresh at all times.  This, however, is not your best option if you do not have a whole lot of room in your store, of if you only need to display a few items.


The FSC12061 is a 10 foot seafood refrigerated display that works great for those who need a medium amount of seafood to be put out on a daily basis.  Because it is ten feet wide, it will allow you place a large amount of differing seafood items on display with ease.  While not the smallest display on this list, it is quite a bit smaller than the close-up display and requires less space.


The MIT4836M-FSK-SS-TM is perfect for your small corner store that only deals with a small number of seafood items.  At 4 feet wide, it provides full service, but it is not refrigerated.  If you don’t mind filling it with ice every day, this is the perfect space saver.